Junior part-time developer - suit London based uni student

Junior part-time developer - suit London based uni student


Job Description


tibdit is an early stage technology startup based in Bermondsey Spa, SE1. We intend to bring to market a viable solution to 'the Micropayment Problem' in 2014.

Currently the team consists of the three founders; the CTO will guide the technical development, including the application architecture and technical and functional requirements, however the Junior Developer may have significant input into how the solution is constructed. More senior technical experts may be added to the team in early 2014.


The Junior Developer will initially be tasked with creating a prototype of the solution as specified by the CTO. Subsequently the Junior Developer will be responsible for extending the prototype to a live pilot system, and ultimately into the live launch system. The Junior Developer is not expected to be fully skilled at the outset, however the ability to identify and self-teach additional skills is a key requirement.

The initial engagement is expected to be from October 2013 until product launch, which is currently estimated to be mid-2014. It is expected that there will be opportunities for the Junior Developer to continue working with tibdit beyond that time if they desire to do so. After launch we intend that 1% equity will be vested in the Junior Developer, providing pre-agreed conditions are satisfied.

All development will be undertaken at the tibdit office in Bermondsey Spa. Working hours are flexible, although availability for some Saturday and Sunday work is essential. University students at any stage are invited to apply if they can demonstrate an aptitude and interest in coding that extends beyond their university course requirements. Confidence that the Junior Developer will remain for the duration of the pre-launch phases is critical.