2d Cartoon animation

2d Cartoon animation


Job Description

looking for urgent 2d cartoon animator to make short cartoon animation for 30 secs.

the story will be something like this:
A small nughty girl is sitting and giving her back to camera, playing with her self (do ..do…doo..dooo.dooo..do..la..lla…all..lallllal)….the camera moves to her, a camera man take out his hand and click her shoulder…..
2nd shot…girl face with centered eyes….like surprised (who is that)…..then move her eyes to side trying to look to the camera man with little turning her face.

3rd shot, the camera man gives her (in very fast) a mic and a flag…..she looking at that what to do with these 2 things…..
4th shot, inside view of camera screen with red light shows that she is on air….the camera man do little coughing like (hhhmmm…hhmmm) to tell her that she is live…….she notice that and give a big smile…then start waving the flag and trying to singing using the mic….she stas singing for 15-20 secs

very urgent need someone can start on doing the story, no milestone will be released in begining...milestone only will be released after finishing the project...u can chk that our account is verified in odesk to ensure that we are here to pay for u...but u need to show me something different in your service

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