Help Support American Veterans (crowd funding project)

Help Support American Veterans (crowd funding project)


Job Description

I'm a service-connected US Navy Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. I am launching a crowd-funding project, to raise awareness and money to help support the various organizations that help support us veterans: Disabled American Veterans, Veteran of Foreign Wars, American Legion, and many more.

I am using a site called Unlike kickstarter, if we don't meet our goal, we can still keep whatever we do raise, and there's no "deadline," meaning that we can continue to raise funds to meet or even surpass the fundraising goal.

I need a good sales/marketing person, who knows how to fund raise (on and offline). For the rewards, for the people who contribute, I'm using, so that people can get something for what they contribute.

Pay is a commission, based off of how much we raise. The more that's raised, the more one earns.