Shopify Theme Customisation.

Shopify Theme Customisation.


Job Description


I have a exciting task that needs to be completed immediately. I am creating a Ecommerce store using the Shopify Platform and I have installed a theme which I require some customisation.

The initial theme can be viewed here:

I require the following changes:


Requires a new navigation which is already developed in the Shopify dashboard but unable to get to view in this theme.

Padding and alignment of the logo and copyright needs to be edited.

Credit Card and Paypal Icons need to be added.

Subscribe to Newsletter:

Information under title needs to be left justified to fill content area.

Popular Artwork Slider:

Align slider arrows to the centre of the slider in the white area of the left and right padding.


Currently when a product is clicked it shows a overlay with title and price then you need to click again to go into the product.I require the overlay to display on rollover then when clicked take you into the product.

Product title needs to be larger and bold.

1st paragraph product description needs to be bold.

Product Images when viewed on computer:

Require image zoom when rollover product (I have built this already in another theme on the Shopify Dashboard which should be able to be copied and applied to this theme). There is only one image per product so I need this applied.

Add PRE ORDER badge as a Tag just like SALE and NEW. Graphic already uploaded.

Responsive Mobile Theme:

Change logo in header to one supplied that better fits the iphone/ipad screen.

Change display of footer so optimised for Iphone/Ipad.

Do not have product zoom when viewed on mobile.

That is the majority of changes. Please review what is required based on looking at the supplied link. I will message specific login details etc once I start short listing applicants.

Please only applicants who are 100% skilled and have excellent knowledge of the Shopify framework and Liquid themes only to apply.

I would like to develop a long lasting relationship with an Independent for future work opportunities.

No Agency applications.

Thank you.