Get wordpress word scraping plugin working

Get wordpress word scraping plugin working


Job Description

I want to use Yahoo finance quote information for my Wordpress website. I currently access and use a simple chart with my limited programming skills but I know I can download much more info that I can plug in to a wordpress text or php widget since one of my peers does it (see link below).
In fact, the code to download the data needed into a csv file is already available here..
What I need from you is the tool to directly access and place the CSV information for at least one selector: value pair directly into my Wordpress widget where I can use it to populate and style a table.
I believe this should be a pretty easy project for a competent code jockey.
I have attached an image file of a Yahoo finance quote page of the info I want, which is all the white highlight areas.
You can also find API info at..
• .. and the sub page
For an example of how I want to use the info, you can look at this page which is using essentially the info for one of my peers who has already done what I want to do and adapted it for their own use..
• Data pulled for Toronto TSX and NYSE exchanges
• Data pulled for Toronto TSX-V exchange
Any other questions just ask.

UPDATE: Since posting this job Ihave found a Wordpress plugin that is supposed to do the job. However, on my first try it doesn't seem to do the job, though it works to pull info out of Google as per the example. Accordingly, I am amending the project to find someone who can help me make this plugin work, which should make the assignament even easier.

Skills: yahoo, finance

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