Business Entrepreneur Media Design Writers Wanted $10 per article!

Business Entrepreneur Media Design Writers Wanted $10 per article!


Job Description

Hi all,

We're an agile startup seeking to become the leading source for business related news and content for young people across the world.

More about Aspyre

Aspyre is the medium that aims to bring self-belief into young people by providing them with the knowledge and inspiration they need to go out and achieve their ambitions. Essentially giving them the tools they need to become job creators and not job seekers.

Aspyreʼs goal is to provide young people with unique and intellectual content, tools and resources which will help them think creatively and intuitively when starting their own business or working for one. The company will also facilitate networking events, host award shows and sponsor entrepreneur societies within the UK.

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for insanely talented and enthusiastic writers who wish to join a motivated and hungry team of bloggers, entrepreneurs and designers.

- You must be able to adhere to deadlines.
- Be very creative and be able to write to appeal to a young audience
- Have a background in: business, marketing, sales, design, development or something similar! (You don't need ALL of these, just one or two!)
- Have a passion for writing! Yes, we don't want anyone to do this just because it's 'another job' we want people who REALLY like to write and want to contribute to actively to the website!
- Average article length will be anything from 500-1000 words!
- Follow other business blogs (,, - Thus having a good insight within the industry!

You will be paid per article written!

If you are interested, then please send a message to me and make sure the FIRST LINE has the words: "Serenity NOW" on it. (All spammers will be ignored).

The blog if you want to check it out is here:

Skills: design, agile, marketing, writing