Rails Data Conversion Programming

Rails Data Conversion Programming


Job Description

We have an existing site that stores information on artworks in MySQL with a Ruby on Rails front end. We need to import new data into the existing system. There is an extensive data ingestion script already written to do the job, but the functionality is quite complex and the programmer who wrote it is no longer reachable. I am looking for someone to rework the script and make it work.

I can provide the existing documentation, scripts, etc., and I can provide details on how the data needs to be mapped.

In essence, the metadata to be imported will be provided by various museums in different formats. These are generally Excel spreadsheets, but with different column names, etc. This needs to be split out into a relational structure and appended to the existing MySQL database. Ideally this would be done with a Rails script to be consistent with the rest of the site, but I am open to considering other options.