Adding Button to Web Browser to Save Information

Adding Button to Web Browser to Save Information


Job Description


We are seeking help to develop software that will be able to integrate itself within a user's web browser (Chrome, Firefox). It will function similar to the way Pinterest does. The button will locate multiple types of information on a webpage, identify them as distinct, and allow the user to view the collected information in a separate window before choosing which category the user wants to put them in.

This data will need to be stored in a database and subsequently accessed by the user on a central website, powered by Ruby on Rails.

Skills assumed to be essential in completing this task:
C, C++
MySQL (or any other Database Management systems)

An excellent example of what we want to do can be found at, though that function is used to locate recipes on a given page.

In your response, please include examples of work you have done like this.
Thank you.

Also, please write I AM REAL at the top of your application so I know you're not a spammer, thank you!

Skills: management, pinterest