Design sportswear and compression underwear 2d/3d

Design sportswear and compression underwear 2d/3d


Job Description

We are in need to get some new alternatives and ideas to our collection.
Logo is ready finished and we need some inovative persons that see the trends in the sportsworld. We prefer one complete collection, both gender in a black/white look, and one or two collection in different colours.
Tje compression underwear is a tight outfit for those who didnt know that, and light underwear/microfiber will be more like an ordinary adidas t-shirt.
Especially for the mens collection, we prefer to produce them atleast 10 cm longer than normal to prevent that they go up and show your stomach when you raise your hands. Just to make a picture out of it.
There will also come biproducts such as caps, socks, towels, etc....

Its preferable with one sample so we can see if we understand each other.

Skills: design

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