Node.js - adding some extra functionality to my web application

Node.js - adding some extra functionality to my web application


Job Description

I need some work done on the back end and admin area of my as-yet unlaunched website. Typically I do all the design and development myself but the number of hours I have in the day are limited and I have a lot of demand on my time, so I need to outsource the development for the moment so that I can focus on the content, design and layout.

The application has a simple custom-written CMS back end that I've created using node.js, express, Jade and MongoDB. It's not super complex, but I haven't finished the core functionality yet, which is required before I can finish the website, ready for launch. I'm using Twitter Bootstrap to speed up development, though you'll obviously need some CSS (LESS) skills in order to tweak the layout where needed. You should also know Git, as I have the project hosted privately on Github.

The work that needs to be done is the completion of a generic content editing page in the admin system and development of code that will allow me to choose from a few different layouts and extend the content editing form with the appropriate fields to match the chosen layout.

I've listed this as a short job, but if you do a good job, I'd like to keep using you for ongoing work, if you're available, as the CMS has a lot more functionality I'd like developed, such as a simple workflow system, an elastic-search-based search engine and various other tasks.

Also you should expect code review with myself, as I'll be looking over what you've done to ensure that the code retains a reasonable measure of maintainability.


Skills: design, twitter

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