Markerting Researcher and Consultant (Marketing/promotion)

Markerting Researcher and Consultant (Marketing/promotion)


Job Description

We are looking for a Research Expert/ Marketing Consultant who can research on the following points and create reports for the same. We would like to get a quote by EOD Jan 14 (Mon), PST (Pacific Standard Time, USA).

There are two tasks:

1) Research and report marketing/promotion method that is used for the following web service/apps. Showing growth of the web service/apps, what kind of promotion methods are taken (ex. Demo event, viral, ad, social media, etc.) are the required information covered in the report.
1 Atlassian's services
2 37signals's services
3 New Relic : user monitoring
4 GoodData : data analysis
5 Hubspot : Inbound
6 zephyr : test management tool
7 testflight : iPhone Apps- distribute to Test Member
8 The Rocket Science Group / mailchimp: mail distribution tool
9 Uservoice
10 Zendesk : Support Desk
11 : Forum / Facebook Twitter Mail integration- Support (Assitly >
12 GetSatisfaction : Feedback&Vote
13 olark : Chat User Support Service
14 Twilio : Telephony API
15 Mindjet : MindManager
16 mygengo :
17 conyac :
18 atmail :
19 Zimbra : (VM Ware)
20 Zoho :
21 Clearspace : (Jive Software)
22 Chatter : (
23 Socialtext :
24 Zyncro :
25 Hootsuite :
26 radian6 :
27 Buddy Media :
28 Involver : Oracle
29 Yammer :
30 LinkedIn :
31 BranchOut :

2) Create Marketing recommendation/suggestion report for increasing the number of app's user in the US market. The app is a social media search tool, tracking software. This is a free web application that picks up tweets and Facebook posts based on the keywords you choose.
Our budget: $1300 in total (task 1 and 2)
Timeline: Contract duration: 4 weeks. Start Jan 18 (Fri), 2013. Submit the report in three weeks from the starting day. You will be required to submit interim report in two weeks from the starting day.
- Please let us know which web service/apps you can create reports from the list (Task 1). The more, the better. Task 2 is mandatory.
- Also, please attach one or two report(s) that you have created and are related to marketing/promotion research and suggestion. We value the quality of the report(s).

Thank you!


Skills: marketing, research, analysis, test, management, science, facebook, twitter, zimbra,, linkedin