Math Intensive Nodejs App

Math Intensive Nodejs App


Job Description

Looking for an experienced nodejs developer to take over the long term maintenance and improvement of a complicated (10 k lines of code) javascript/nodejs app.

The app is a graphing application but also does other types of mathematics ( multiplying matrices, calculating T-tests and other things)

I am looking for a company/individual with the following qualifications
1) demonstrable math and programming skills . At the bottom, I have listed some
upcoming improvements that you'd need to implement
2) extensive experience with nodejs preferably with
3) Strong debugging skills. The first thing that you will need to do is figure out why the nodejs server occasionally crashes.
4) proficient English skills

Extra Points for
1) familiarity with the cairo nodejs graphing which the app uses to graph equations
2) prior experience using nodejitsu --they have an unusual operating system based on opensolaris-- so you'd need to think about how you'd set up a testing environment to match up with the production one.
3) prior work doing mathematical apps, especially for producing 2 or 3 dimensional graphs.

To give you an idea of what the first work would be, I've listed the first few tasks that you'd work on over the course of this year:

1) identify bug that is occasionally crashing nodejs server (You'll need to write a way to log the equations that are being graphed so we can find out what equations/issues are causing the crash) . Timeframe: as soon as we start:

2) Rewriting the math parser . We need fractions in equations to be parsed differently ( I have c++ code from our iOs developer's iphone version to help serve a model for doing this). Timeframe: as soon as we start:

3) rewriting the way that graphs are drawn (instead of fixed delta 'x' number of steps, our iOs app now uses interpolated steps for more accurate graphs . Again, I can provide the iOs objective c code to serve as model to help you implement this. )

4) adding support for fractions to the matrix calculator (which includes transposing, multiplying matrices, and more). Time frame: in 4-6 months from now, we'd like to add this.

I set time frame to 3 to 6 months, but hopefully, if you are the right fit it will be a permanent time frame--something where you can update the app from time to time, add new features etc..

In your response, please indicate whether or not you'd be comfortable re-writing a graphing calculator's parser to support implicit multiplication so that a user could write y = 3x instead of y = 3*x .

Skills: mathematics, debugging, english, rewriting