Employees Monitoring Application For windows in Delphi

Employees Monitoring Application For windows in Delphi


Job Description

Employees Monitoring Application For windows in Delphi

Employee monitoring Application for all windows operating system (both 32, 64 bit).

Application Description:
Employee monitoring Application-
Company has one head office with 10 sub offices in different locations. Company wants to monitor their employees Text Chat conversation through this application from where complete information of their employees reaches to management and company.

Language for coding: Delphi

Application is divided in two parts:
A. Client Part
B. Server Part

• Client Part
The client app will work on client machine
• Installation:
• Physical Installation
• Application installation should be done on one click
• Icon of application should be hidden in dockbar (taskbar)
• Stealth installation

• Application Working and functionality
• Recording Keystrokes
• Invisible in the Windows start-up list.
• HTTP based uploading.
• Upload data on to the server with a given time interval.
• Monitor particular user if not admin of the PC.If the application running from the admin it should capture all the users.
• registry entries are hidden.
• Support all language keyboards.
• Active window titles and process names logging.
• Record all type of keystrokes(with all special character)
• Application will Record the Title name of the Active window where user is pressing any Key.
• Application will record the current system date/time and mention it on the recorded log file.
• Log file will be create with the name of current date (example if the date is “01/02/2012”, the log file name will be “01022012.txt”)
• Log file will be in the following pattern :
Untitled - Notepad --- (01/02/2012 - 3:33:50 PM)-
Hello it’s a demo log file... (Ctrl+S)(Enter)This is the next line.

Google Chrome - Google search --- (01/02/2012 - 3:38:50 PM)-
MAC File sends method (Enter)

• Server Part
• App will send the log file to our web server through HTTP method.
• PHP file will accept the send log file and save that inside a folder (Folder name should be System name + Username).

• Application Behaviour
• Application Work in background in hidden way
• App icon must be hidden on the dockbar.
• App must be restart itself every time on system restart.
• Bug Free and work smooth.
• Monitor particular user's data (Guest Privilege supportable)
• Stealth Installation (without any popup or Installation wizard)
• Execute on a single click on executable(exe).
• Fully Undetectable (Scantime + Runtime) by all Antiviruses including browser detection.
• No external DLL or Active-X dependencies.
• Use less CPU resource.
• Compatible with Microsoft Windows (All versions include 64 bit)
• Unicode Support (all coutries language supported ).
• Firewall bypass

Final Delivery:
Final Deliverable must be with a compiled app & its final completed project (with all source codes) with a well documented description of all the installation, uninstallation process, Compilation, App Renaming & Configuration.