Need a ROR developer for CRM project.

Need a ROR developer for CRM project.


Job Description


We're seeking a Full Time ROR developer with experience building SaaS, web based based CRM's to help develop our web based CRM. Our project was started a couple months ago with a mother developer who we let go because they couldn't fix certain bugs and features that we're not working.

We need someone to come in and run tests on the existing code, fix some of the bugs and broken features and pick up from where they left off as there is still a lot of work to be done.

If you'd like to be considered for thins opportunity please reply with the following:

- Have you ever developed a CRM before? If yes, please provide some examples of your work.

- How proficient in ROR are you?

-What is your hourly rate?

- why should we hire you?

Very important. To separate you from the spammers please include at the top "I am a real person". We will not consider any candidates who are missing this piece.