Make wordpress plugin compatible with buddy press

Make wordpress plugin compatible with buddy press


Job Description

Hi I'm looking for an independent programmer or small company to make an editorial calendar wordpress plugin compatible with buddy press.

I want all of the functions the plugin does currently but converted so that every buddy press user has there own individual calendar where they can add their own content.

Depending on the price I would also like to know what it would cost to have the auto-post function occur. What I mean by that is that some of my users already have a wordpress installation on a different site. I would like them to be able to make an article on their calendar and then have it auto-post to a different wordpress site all together.

Please provide me with the rough time and estimated cost to perform the first request.
Please make a separate estimate on the second.
Please provide me with your process for developing wordpress plugins, your experience with buddypress/wordpress. Also please provide ONE example of the plugins you've worked with before.

If you are not sure how much work needs to go into it please search editorial calendar wordpress plugin as I'm using a very generic with open source licence.

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