Digital Download Store help

Digital Download Store help


Job Description

Hey there, I need help with setting up a digital download store. I create & distribute LARGE files (photoshop brushes, textures, files etc) & I'd like to start charging a small fee for certain downloads. I really like the way this marketplace functions & would like something similar.

List of what I need:
1.) A store set up similar to : on my website, - I'm thinking of a similar sub-domain like "" but this has yet to be created.

2.) The ability to automate an email with the downloads when someone purchases brushes, textures etc.

3.) The ability to link to paypal as the form of payment

4.) The ability to upload the download files somewhere for downloading.

I've tried researching Digital Download stores & have come up short. I just don't know enough about this sort of thing & need some assistance. Thank you!

Skills: paypal