Sell Free Services To Business Owners

Sell Free Services To Business Owners


Job Description

I will pay you $15 for every VERIFIED, legitimate US business that you get to register for a 30-day free trial of my mobile marketing services.

You may contact businesses via cold calling, door to door, email, post cards, flyers, etc., and offer them a 30-day free trial of my mobile marketing services.

You will be offering them a professionally designed custom mobile landing page, a text keyword and short code, a QR code, and promotional and instructional materials for advertising their new campaign.

Businesses will then be able to send out one free SMS text and/or email broadcast message to their subscriber list through my system.

You will need to get the business owner to submit their contact details in my web form and confirm their email address in order to initiate their free trial.

Ideal business prospects to contact include retail establishments in urban areas where customers visit the business location and make repeat purchases such as restaurants.

In order to do the job well, you will need to possess:

Basic understanding of email and text marketing
Good communication and persuasion skills
Ability to contact many business owners

A successful engagement is one where you're happy, I'm happy, and the business owner is so happy that he becomes a paying client for my business.

You should be interested if you can sell a very valuable service that business owners desperately need for free!

You will not be paid for any businesses that do not pass our security measures which ensure that only REAL US businesses are signing up for our services.

Skills: marketing