Design and Development Project

Design and Development Project


Job Description

Project Description: 

Our company is building a user content generated website and need experienced, reliable developers to work with. 

Please sign up for before bidding. The site will be a different concept to this, but very similar in function. 

Key functions by types:

User accounts:

- Ability for users to sign up to the site which creates a personalised url/ account area

- Ability for users to create posts which would show on their account page as well as pull in to the main side feed

- Ability for users to become fans of other users and have these users listed in your profile page

- Ability for users to vote for posts which would change where posts display based on popularity.

- Ability for users to add profile pictures

- Ability to add comments to posts. Also, view received comments on your posts and comments you've made in your account area

- Save posts you like to your profile

General Site:

- Rate or vote for posts to push them up in popularity

- Like posts to facebook

- User accounts, registration and moderation

- widget code to share posts to your external blog or website

- Ability to show comments, and other site elements as display widgets in right hand nav/ ad space.

- Ability to serve advertising

- Ajax, load more posts below on scroll, style pagination

- Ability to show different cuts of the content (because our content would be different our cuts would be slightly different) but take the top nav "HOT - NEW - TOP - LEADER" links as guide. 

- Would require full service through to installation on live server.

- Must be a solution that can handle high volume traffic. 

Things that will help you get the job.

- Good communication
- Proven record
- Ability to recommend on CMS. 

Thanks for quoting.