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We are a team of people to support young filmmakers on their mission to gain international exposure and attention.

We need a visionary type of programmer that can do prototypes and knows programming in and out.
Our current project is to support filmmakers by creating a filmsales supportive platform where they can present their project and mail potential buyers from our system.

Following Modules are essential:

Membership with different membership types and restrictions
Add/Edit People/Projects (core system)
Mailing System and Batch Mailing (core system)
Search / Filter
Matching System (core system)

The platform simply should allow users to contact sales channels that someone uploads and present their project that they can add after they have registered with their contact details. Out of more then 10000 sales channels they should be able to sort and filter channels for their needs and mail them. They system also should suggest automatically channels based on matching criterias (like a dating platform) based on their input. Sales channels can set filters to allow or not allow to be contacted by the platform. Like a spam filter that they can activate.

It´s basically a membership site that is like a hotmail or gmail with an existing directory of people that they can contact that specialized on sales where people can set filters and the receiver can set filters as well if he want more messages like this or not.

We have already pre-developed alot like database fields, structure map and screenshots and open to let your ideas flow into our concepts. It´s important that you are a passionate php/mysql programmer that might find some short cuts to use existing script to implement, adapt them and create the code that connects all elements.
You should be able also to implement on the frontend side common features like autocomplete, tags, realtime-form validations, etc.

In other words, you don´t have to re-invent the wheel and try to get a prototype running in the shortest time and with the least effort possible, so that we can test and adapt the site. You should know how to put existing things together and build the code that is missing to link them.

Our team consists mainly of unpaid volunteers and this position will not make you rich and you will find alot of other jobs that are paid better but if you are interested in film and in an international environment with creative people, then you are welcome to join us. We like people that believe in what we do and see them as unit with us. Our plan is to get this started and continue developing the project as soon as we have a community. Right now we have to show that we get a great product out.

This is not for a beginner!

If you think you are the one, please send us a quick info about you and why you want to join us and if you have some cool projects that you have done before, show us some links to check it out.

Once the platform is running and we can make a sales, we see you as partner and you will receive further development money to refine and extent the platform. Please apply only if you see a long term relationship with us!

We also welcome people that are new to Odesk if they bring their professional skills into the project.

Best wishes,

Robert, Wolfgang, Michael, Grace and the rest of the team

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