Keyword Research - App Store Optimization (ASO) For iOS Games

Keyword Research - App Store Optimization (ASO) For iOS Games


Job Description


We are looking for someone who LOVES keyword research. LIVES, EATS and BREATHS keyword research. This should be what gives you joy in life.

The actual work will be in the field of App Store Optimization, which is a cutting edge field in which we are amongst the best in the world.

Prior knowledge in this field HELPS but is not necessary. We will give you all the training you will need.

What you should know how to do is the concept of keyword research.

You must be willing to work with us for the long term (one year plus) since we will be investing heavily in your training.

You must be a QUICK learner!

If you are good, you will have room to grow in our company, which is one of the leaders in our field.

Your Role:
To find great keywords related to our apps, from these to Choose the App Title and Keyword Field.

You will also need to be able to use Google Translate to "localize" the app to several languages: Spanish, French, Italian (possibly others, but these are the main ones). This is not straight out translation, but a combination of KW research + translation.

You MUST have an iOS device (ipod touch, iphone or ipad) in order to do this job.

Other expectations:
Communication - you must communicate with us frequently, even if things go "badly". If we send a message, you MUST answer us 24 hours MAX.

Deadlines - when we set deadines you must meet them. If you see you will be late, you must tell us ahead of time and set a date you will meet.


Initially we will pay you $10 per language researched (not including Spanish, for reasons you will learn later). E.g. if for one app you will do keywords for English + Spanish + French, you will be paid $20.

Later, once we are satisfied that we want to work long term with you, we will move you on to a salary basis (to be negotiated later).

1) What iOS device(s) do you own?

2) Do you have any experience in ASO? Please give details.

3) What salary would you be happy with if you were to work with us long term?

4) If we are optimizing a Christmas Game, I want you to brainstorm and / or research a list of seed keywords that we should focus our research on (this list should contain up to 10 words or phrases).

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