Author Needed with Experience in Firearms and Handguns

Author Needed with Experience in Firearms and Handguns


Job Description

We're looking for an author who can write a lengthy report (30k to 60k words) dealing with many different aspects of handguns, specifically in a survival/prepping situation. This work should be an instruction guide for beginner to intermediate shooters.

The work should be divided into smaller, basic sections, for example:

- How to choose the right handgun for you and your situation (urban vs. rural, etc)
- How to develop and train your skills through target practice and other excercises
- How to clean and maintain and store your handgun
- How to know when to use it

Native-English skills are a must. Prior experience with handguns is a must. Experience with prepping/survivalist training is a huge plus.

This is a ghostwriting position - we will keep all the rights and you must sign a statement to that effect.

To Apply:

Please send a writing sample, explain why you would be a good fit for this position, and write "Pistola" at the beginning, so we know you actually read the full job posting.

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