Unix (CentOS Virtualizor) with CDN server for website.

Unix (CentOS Virtualizor) with CDN server for website.


Job Description


I'm looking currently for some good system admin who can work under CentOS 6 with knowledge for Firewalls/Iptables.

We did have VPS ex:

VPS No.101 xx.xx.xxx.59 mysql.sameerbook.com (MySQL Master Database - Only have connection from VPS 102).
VPS No. 102 xx.xx.xxx.58 www2.sameerbook.com (Website Files only - Accepting connection from VPS 104 + 103).
VPS No. 104 xx.xx.xxx.57 lb.sameerbook.com (Nginx VPS for filtering & Optimizing the visitors request).
VPS No. 105 xx.xx.xxx.56 www3.sameerbook.com ( VPS for Images/png only ).

- re-design or work in the same plan for our VPS's (CDN Network) and make sure all it's firewalled and secure from any kind of SYNFLOOD.

- make sure to run a backup system in our external HD for the most important website files, also for specific dirs from other VPS's.

- Optimize the Apache with MySQL and if installing Varnish with special customization that would be good.

- Measure and calculate maximum memory usage in apache for our running tasks ( apache requests ) in VPS 102 and check the nginx configuration and make sure to optimaize it very well.

Please make sure to start on the optimization & installaing varnish tonight