Church Membership/PM/PR Systems

Church Membership/PM/PR Systems


Job Description

*** This project is going to be implement in PHP5, I am considering Yii framework or Scriptcase. If you are a seasonal Scriptcase developer, I am very interested to talk to you.

We would like to get an quote for building our web based Church Membership/Project Request/Purchase Request Systems. Please list your hourly rate or a rough cost for implement this request. The web based application must work with IE/Firefox browser.

Here is a rough draft of the functionality that we would like to have:

Church Membership
1. CRUD Member Demographic Data
2. Assign/Delete Member to Family Group
3. CRUD Small Group Leaders and their reporting structure.
Basically we have Family Leader → Area Leader → Zone Leader → Pastor
4. CRUD New Comer Demographic Data (If they decide to come back to church, we assign them to small group)
5. Family Leader can view all the members in his group.
6. Area Leader can view all the family groups reporting to him. Zone Leader can view all the family groups reporting to area leaders.
7. Build online donation interface different payment gateway (Paypal, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China)
8. Build on-line courses sub-system which allow Member to register for classes. Need to interface Paypal IPN/PDT. Reporting of the purchasing by classes.
9. Build filtering logic for how a class can be taking by the members.

Project Management
1. CRUD Projects & Tasks, each task will carry estimate budget and actual expense.
Task's Actual expense entry will link to Purchase Requests. Project will display all the role-up estimate budget/actual expense.
2. CRUD Department
3. CRUD Staff (Staff should already exist in the Church Membership system)
4. CRUD TimeTracking related to the project assigned to the developer/staff/worker.
5. CRUD Vacation Calender
6. Need to have three levels of approval for projects as well as for Purchase Requests.
7. CRUD Feedback to projects/tasks, new feedback will generate email notifications to all party.
8. Manager can view all the projects in their department, PL can only view all the owned projects. Developer and Staff can only view assigned projects. They can only edit tasks assigned to them but have read access to all the sub tasks in the project. Developer/Staff can only add feedback to their assigned tasks.

Purchase Request
1. CRUD Request
2. Reporting Request for print
3. CRUD 3 level approval structure
4. Link to Project Management

Skills: paypal, management