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Kindle Expert


Job Description

Kindle expert needed to convert one e-book to a Kindle (as an initial test). The e-book is in Microsoft Word 2007 as well as PDF formats. I need the e-book to be converted to all Kindle formats.

The e-book is approximately 20% text and 80% images (arranged in 2 x 3 tables, however, the table can be changed for the Kindles if necessary). The e-book is approximately 100 pages long, with most pages taken up by images.

Since Kindles are a new market for us, we will need several questions answered, as well as the primary steps necessary for the e-book to be successfully converted.. Once the first e-book is successfully converted (and approved by Amazon), we will repeat the process for an additional 11 e-books, depending on the sales generated by the first Kindle. These remaining e-books will be awarded to the same contractor (in a separate contract) for conversion.

I am aware that there are numerous software applications and services currently available that are able to automate much of the process.However, in addition to that, you will need to guide us on any additional information which is necessary for Kindles..

The successful candidate should:

1. Be at a 4 or 5 level of fluency in English
2. Be available to start the project within 3 days of being hired
3. Have successful experience in performing the same process for other clients, and be able to supply them as references
4. Have a reliable Internet connection and be able to respond to all e-mails within 24 hours
5. Submit a fixed bid for completion of just the initial one test Kindle conversion.

When there are candidates with similar experience, the advantage will go to the individual who is capable of "advising" what needs to be done on a step-by-step basis, and can describe it the steps necessary to successfully complete the project.

Please include any information and samples that support this project, as well as what unique qualities and abilities you have which should warrant the test job (as well as the future job of the remaining 11 e-books) being awarded to you.

If contractors submit form letters, form responses, or do not answer stated requirements/issues; they will be rejected.

Good luck, and we are looking forward to seeing your application.

Skills: pdf, kindle, amazon, english