Python / PyQt Programmer w/ Autodesk Maya experience

Python / PyQt Programmer w/ Autodesk Maya experience


Job Description

Looking for a python / pyQt developer to design an asset management/viewer tool using the Creation Platform from Fabric Engine.

Programmer must be familiar with Autodesk Maya and willing to learn Creation Platform toolkit.

I am looking to develop a standalone texturing / shading toolkit which would seamlessly integrate into a VFX pipeline via a simple yet powerful asset browser/editor. The asset browser would be able to manipulate Allegorithmic substance filters a la Substance Player, fire off batch jobs using Substance batch tools. Link assets to DCC tools such as Maya, 3DS Max, Nuke, Modo, Mari, Zbrush, Photoscan and Photoshop. Software also would serve as VFX producer management tool.

Further integration would use the Stage module from Fabric Engine to integrate the Arnold, VRay and Maxwell Render renderers. Allegorithmic filters would be linked to appropriately generation shaders custom built for each filter file.

Skills: management, design, software-development, vfx, producer