Create VB Class from XSD Files

Create VB Class from XSD Files


Job Description

We used Xsd2Code - which is an Add-In for VS2010 - to Generate VB Classes from different XSD Files, enabling serialization, and the result was satisfactory.
We got 2 problems that we want to solve:
1- The add-in generates Classes with methods for serialization that produce XML files with Different Schema Declaration - Such as
<Ricorso xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
Ignoring the Schema Declared in the XSD File which should be, for example:
<Ricorso xmlns="" xmlns:evp="" xmlns:pt="">

2- XML Elements in the Output XML file Generated by the Class Serialization Ignore namespace and prefix. For example:

Instead of
<pt:procedimento ruolo="Speciale" ufficio="987654321V">

What we need is to create methods to correct the generated class behavior to serialize output xml files according to initial schema, namespace and prefix.

Candidates will find attached one of the XSD files that should be used.

More details will be supplied upon request

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