Recruitment tests

Recruitment tests


Job Description


We are looking for a great expert in PHP/Symfony2 to create an awesome 20-question quizz for developers recruitment.

The goal of the quizz is to assess skills in the given technology. We already have a platform to host the quizz, so the goal of this project is not to code a quizz platform : it is to think about 20 questions to test skills of developers in Symfony 2.

The quizz should answer this question : "what are the most important things a developer must be able to do in Symfony2 ?" This quizz should tell us if the developer is a beginner, an intermediate, a proficient or an expert guy.

People we are looking for :
- Expert in Symfony2. Somebody that can step back on the technology and that have a great overview on it.
- Passionates
- Fluent in English (speaking and writing)
- Quality lovers

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