Extend Feature to an Application

Extend Feature to an Application


Job Description

We have an application which needs to be updated with new features the details are below;

You need to make the following changes;

1. Create Admin login area so that changes can be made from their instead of going to phpMyAdmin. Admin will be able to register client from here also, change client details, communicate with client via iMailer, close clients account, update news, help menu, faq’s etc. and make all changes to client account
2. Create Client registration form, that will allow clients to register and create username and password to access system. System will auto generate Account Number. Account numbers are shown as follows 428 98328 the first 3 digits for all client’s account will remain the same and system will generate last 5 digits. Client will require a Referral ID in order register an account, this ID will reside in DB and be required in order to begin to complete the registration form.
3. Change Main Accounts Names to reflect Commodities, Stocks, Bonds, Cash
4. Allow client to be able to Add Term Deposit
5. Arrange accounts so they have their own Headings like ‘Main Account’ , Savings (Term Deposit) Account, Investment (trading) Account. So there will be no sub accounts like what is shown under Main Accounts instead each account will have its own Heading. Under Account headings you will see balance in clients chosen currency. When clicked the client will then see the transactions which make up the account holdings.
6. Currency conversion is built into system but is working correctly. When client changes their account currency, from the “Edit Your Profile menu” the system should convert their balance value to the equivalent of the new selected currency based on current exchange rates. Currently Admin must update database, we need system to pull this from internet.
7. Insert this gold chart (http://bullionsupermarket.com/free.aspx) on first page when clients log into members area.
8. Under Statements client should be able to print their statement in PDF format which will have custom company header on it.
9. Fix system log report which displays each time clients log into system with IP address. This will post to main page when client logs in again showing when they were last logged in.
10. Remove all reference to E-Currencies.
11. Add time out script, when there is no activity on the site for more than 5 minutes a popup window will appear stating that system has logged out due to inactivity.