Developer Support Developer

Developer Support Developer


Job Description

I'm looking for a multiple experts to have available when our developers get stuck with tools and technologies. I'm looking for people who have used these tools for a long time, know the hangups, errors, messes and how to solve them immediately. You'll need to be usually available within 24 business hour notice to give assistance when a developer needs help with something. Because you'll be teaching other developers as you help, communication skills are critical.

It won't be steady work. It's just occasionally when we need help.

To be clear: you do not need all these skills. Just one of them is enough.

Here are the skills I'm looking for help with:

- git in eclipse
- git in intellij idea
- gradle in intellij
- sbt in intellij
- scala
- lift (scala web framework)
- opengl
- opencl

In your reply, you must answer the following questions:

1) Confirm that you are you able to do desktop sharing (including fast reliable internet connection) so you can control other developers screen to help them. If you can't, this isn't for you.

2) Which skills are you already an expert in and why (include how long and how much you have been using that skill)? If you are not already an expert in one of them, this isn't for you.

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