Magento Data Import Tool

Magento Data Import Tool


Job Description

I am looking for someone to build a tool I can use to easily import product data into Magento from a CSV file. There are about 5000 products in this file. I would like this tool to be somewhat configurable with a simple user interface. This is for an ecommerce site selling supplements.

Some key points:
This file has every unique product listed as one row, however some rows are really the same product but a different flavor and/or size. This tool will need to be smart enough to create a configurable product to contain the simple products that make up the flavors and/or sizes. There is an identifier in the CSV that groups this type of product. Some products only have 1 flavor/size and are just a simple product.

Categories are defined in the CSV, so it will need to put products into the appropriate category. This mapping should be configurable.

Multiple image sizes are referenced in the CSV to a HTTP link on a different web server. This tool will need to download, rename, and save the images to my local web server. I will want control over how it names the product, such as using product names etc.

I receive updated CSV files every so often that I would want to re-run through this tool. I’d like it to point out any product that already exist that have changes (for manual updating, though I would like to let it over-write if allowed) and insert any new products as needed. I would also like it to point out any products I may have in Magento that are no longer in the CSV. This should be fairly easily as the SKU is always consistent in both the CSV and Magento.

Accuracy and intelligence are most important for this tool, followed by speed.

Strong, proven experience doing data migration/manipulation, specifically with Magento

I would prefer to work with someone I can chat with via IM to discuss any questions and/or problems with during development. I am most available after 6PM EST Monday through Friday, and anytime weekends.

Please provide your resume and/or portfolio, along with any examples of comparable projects that demonstrate your ability to complete this project successfully.

Skills: import