Turn Based Strategy Game - Battle Module

Turn Based Strategy Game - Battle Module


Job Description

This is a project for the battle module of a larger turn based strategy game. The module involves coding a battle simulation of two medieval style armies (various units) on a 10x10 grid. The battle will start with the two opposing "lines" facing each other across the grid, then units will advance in "phases" towards each other and do battle. Each army is composed of various units that have different properties that affect their combat and movement ability. There is no player interaction, so the module is essentially a simulation: units for the two armies will be the input and the output will be who wins or loses and the remaining units.

This module is part of a larger turn based (NOT real-time) multiplayer game for which the data structures have been coded, and can lead to other projects for the same game.

The platform right now is PC based (I'm using Visual C++). However, the game at this stage is not graphics based, in fact the output is text-based only. The focus now is on the logic. It will eventually run over the web, at that point the visual display/graphics can be decided (will be relatively simple).

The challenge with this module will be in the logic of how to make several dozen units move and interact over a 10x10 grid (the grid itself will be displayed textually). I have a set of rules I've developed, but the creative programmer may be able to improve upon these.