Building email feature and payment feature

Building email feature and payment feature


Job Description

Feature 1: Email

Users can go to a subscribe page where they see a list that contains all the categories. We will present the categories in two ways. There were be primary categories such as church, business, nonprofit and self (those are the only four). Then we will have every other category, such as Steve Caton, Chris Mavity Etc. Depending on which categories are selected, the user will get a list of new posts from those categories. They can either create a customer RSS feed which sends them those posts, or they can get an email in their inbox with a list of those posts, the pictures and an except (this would be presented in exactly the same way as the center content area of the homepage so we could just borrow the style from that). I would like them to be able to select when they receive this email (IE, Every Thursday, or every day new posts are available). The email should only go out when new posts are available in the categories the user selected. If we end up sending the emails through our own server, we would want to make it send them slowly throughout the day. We need to be able to handle up to 100,000 emails.

We need to be able to import email addresses in bulk for those who have already subscribed.

Also, we need to send the emails through a service where we can change the IP occasionally if we get caught by too many spam filters. Amazon has a service that can handle this, but I don't know which one is best. The emails will have an unsubscribe link where they can change their email preferences, it will take them to the page you built above.

Possible add-on feature: I also have a list of 100,000 emails of people who have subscribed in the past and I would like to set it up so that 1000 of those emails get added automatically to the list of people receiving content on a weekly basis (we will preselect the categories for them). Is this possible?

Feature 2: Subscribing with payment

We want users to be able to view a certain number of posts per week (let's say two for now). Everyone will have a cookie that will notify them after those two free posts that they have to subscribe to view more. They should not need to log in to view the free two posts. They must log in and create a billing account to view more than two posts per week (i'd like to be able to change that number, but we can hard code it in. IE, we don't need a easy to use way to change it). We need to have a slick, easy to use, payment system that keeps track of who is up to date on their payments and then, once they are subscribed, it allows them to view unlimited amount of content. We should have the ability to check a box or something that allows certain people to have "free" accounts permanently. We want to be able to gift memberships to people so they don't have to pay. We also may have a sidebar ad that encourages people to subscribe which we would want to disappear once they have subscribed and logged in because it would be redundant. I would need to you set up everything including the payment system (I've used paypal pro before so we could easily use that again)

Skills: import, amazon, billing, paypal

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