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Web Developer


Job Description

Description: The WEB DEVELOPER role is a part- or full-time contractor position within GO Sports Unlimited | GO Kickball (www.GoKickball.com) and is required to develop, maintain and support our current in-house sports software web-solution, as well as, enhance and develop new complimentary websites of the organization. NOTE that we have a transition process identified from our current developer so the new developer will have support and prior knowledge of our current system. The tasks involved include:

Roles, Responsibilities & Expectations:

Developer – Maintain, support and further develop company websites and in-house sports software system.
> Work with our hosting company when needed to support systems performance and ensure minimal server downtime.
> Review system requirements and complete plan with time estimates and delivery dates for all development work.
> Collaborate with team to determine optimal designs prior to developing new systems functionality and websites.
> Develop/code system requirements within our websites, sports software web-solution and new modules.
> Maintain an organized development process within DEV environment, then promote to TEST, then promote to PROD.
> Quality assure/test all code from DEV env to TEST env to PROD env and deliver requirements accurately and timely.
> Make decisions when required to deliver quality product and effectively resolve issues.
> Troubleshoot systems issues and complete fixes to resolve problems.
> Support our corporate team, our market directors and our customers nationwide with any systems issues that may arise.
> Support further enhancements and tweaks to our GO Sports WIKI tool built in Wordpress.
> Report weekly status to Executive team.
> Support Executive team when needed for sales, growth and new products / opportunities.

New Markets and Websites Configuration – Provide configuration setup and support for new markets.
> Support new markets on-boarding within our system by setting up and configuring new markets using our structured template process to support company growth.

Marketing, Advertising & Bus Dev Initiatives – Support marketing, advertising and business development teams with new initiatives such as new social media apps/mobile apps developed, new web pages developed, graphic designs need created/tweaked/resized, videos need edited and other items for new marketing campaigns, new products, new outings / events, new partners / alliances, and merchandise.

Skills / Qualifications:
> Honest, trustworthy, loyal, dependable, committed, integrity-based character is a MUST
> Strong development skills in the following areas are a MUST
> Understand Database Management and Modeling Concepts
> Understand Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts
> JavaScript
> jQuery
> Internet and social media competence is a MUST
> Thorough research, analytical and troubleshooting skills a MUST
> 2+ years development experience a MUST
> Working understanding of Wordpress is Preferred
> Basic Photoshop skills is Preferred
> Basic Illustrator skills is Preferred
> Video editing is a Plus
> Flash experience is a Plus
> Enjoys and understands the active, vibrant, social, young adult lifestyle that is our customer
> Creative, out-of-the-box thinking and design is encouraged

Skills: test, troubleshooting

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