Illustration or photographic-type image creator

Illustration or photographic-type image creator


Job Description

I am looking for a professional artist who has the ability to create an illustration, drawing, painting or computer generated image for a book.

The book is a thriller and the image/drawing needs to be for the cover of the book and should reflect the nature of the book. I'm looking for one of the following:

a dark room with a chain restraint in the room


a girl in a prison/dungeon


a cot or dingy mattress with a chain attached to a girl's wrist

The attached picture is the closest I've found to what i've been looking for, although, i don't want it to look like a prison cell with bars. So maybe something like the position the girl is in with a chain and handcuff around her wrist.

Please submit covers you've done for my review and if you have a quick sketch and would like to submit it for my consideration, you may do so.

Thank you!

Skills: painting, drawing

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