Contract Programmer

Contract Programmer


Job Description

Walker Advertising, Inc. currently seeks an experienced Independent Contractor to provide a fully functional stand-alone application for an Interactive Intelligence VOIP phone system using CIC 3.0. Contractor should be familiar with CIC 3.0 and willing to provide recent examples of work. Applications will need to be programmed in either C# or Visual Basic using ASP.NET Framework 4.5. Based on completion of stand-alone application, Contractor may be awarded second project to integrate DNIS/ANI info with existing proprietary software through.

Project #1: Build single screen Dashboard
•API to extract real-time statistics from within ININ CIC 3.0 version cache memory
•Create ASP.NET Application to display clock type statistics (30 sec intervals)
•Include several options to display with easy method for adding new options
•Predefined options in real-time Stats (by Service Name and Group):
o Current Total Calls Waiting
 Oldest Call Duration (still waiting)
 Average Wait Time (high/low)
o Current Total Calls Offered
o Current Total Calls Completed
o Current Total IVR Drop Off
o Current Total Calls Answered
o Current Total Calls Abandoned
o Current Service Level Percentage
o Current Total Agents Available

Project #2*: Integrate DNIS/ANI info with Proprietary Software.
•Extract real-time DNIS/ANI from connected call within ININ
•Make API connection available to proprietary software system as predefined data handler
•Make changes within proprietary software C# application to include database insert/update
•Recompile new version of proprietary software as required to include new API connection

*Project#2 will be based on satisfactory completion of first project*

Skills: voip