C# ASP.NET WebAPI Restful Server

C# ASP.NET WebAPI Restful Server


Job Description

Working with another software architect from our side, developing a restful API (from scratch) under .NET WebAPI in C#. It is not a very complicated API, but we demand code which is clear (readable), testable (that means also writing proper unit-tests with decent coverage), comments if needed, good decoupling of the different layers.
We are flexible on which database to work with. It can be MSSQL, Postgresql, MySQL, MongoDB.... We can decide together as long as its something you are well knowledgeable about.
You should be a team player, friendly and reliable.
We require all the employees to sign our NDA.

If this task will be successful, there is a huge potential to become a steady part of our future team and get full employment benefits.

Students and junior programmers that are not afraid of hard work, are also welcome to apply.