Mobile App Developer - Sencha Touch & Node.js

Mobile App Developer - Sencha Touch & Node.js


Job Description

We need a mobile app developer with a demonstrated proficiency in Sencha Touch 2 and NodeJS (or possibly Django or Rails) development. To work with us to develop a new mobile payment offering.

Our offering consists of 3 parts:
- A cross-platform smartphone app which allows consumers to order and pay for items using a debit or credit card,
- A tablet app that allows vendors to process orders.
- A server application that provides a RESTful API for order management and payment processing

Developers who have extensive experience in developing cross-platform HTML5 applications using the following technologies will have an advantage:
- Sencha Touch 2
- Sencha Cmd
- Compass and Sass
- Node js (express, passport, mongoose)
- MongoDB or PostgreSQL
Development Environment:
- Bitbucket
- Heroku
Payment Gateway

The developer will:
- manage the development end-to-end
- provide feedback on the app design and UX
- have excellent English language communication skills
- be comfortable with agile, rapid and iterative development
- provide source code in a shared code repository
- be used to working with a quality assurance team on code review cycles
- be used to working to a constrained delivery timeline

We have approximately 8 weeks to develop the applications.

We have prototypes of the mobile and the (vendor) tablet application (including source code).

If successful we are looking to build a long-term relationship with the developer.