CMS specialy for car dealer (Including smartphone app)

CMS specialy for car dealer (Including smartphone app)


Job Description

CMS system that caters to small-medium sized car dealers, of used cars.
The system should run the entire site, posibly build up around Joomla or Drupal.

Add new cars, add images of car, mark car as sold (Which will remove it from site after set amount of days) add all specifications to the car.

From phone app, it should be posible to easily take pictures, write specifications and information about the car, and in few clicks, add it to the website.

From admin of CMS, it should be posible to add new cars to other car related sites (Thru comma seperated files or similar)

There are alot of other features in this - Which is why I need someone with the prgramming knowledge, and a creative mind. I need someone who can be a sparing partner and at the same time, a killer programmer.
This is the first of several niche specific CMS systems, so this can posibly, for the right person, be a long term job offer (Posibly full time job)