PHP / Web Developer in part or full time

PHP / Web Developer in part or full time


Job Description

We are seeking for one of our projects an experienced (minimum 4 years, preferably 6+) and talented developer with the following skills:

1. Hands on experience on design and develop new applications as well as maintain existing application in Linux, Apache, Mysql, Smarty and PHP(LAMP) areas.

2. Design and develop backend and frontend systems in LAMP, but also have experience with Linux servers (basic config knowledge)

3. HTML/DHTML/XHTML/CSS and AJAX/JSON experience with frameworks like Jquery and extJS

4. Experience with complex SQL queries and database scheme design and optimization techniques is expected.

5. Strong hands on experience is a must and coding is expected! Only apply if you feel like you are one of the best PHP programmers out there.

6. Ability to manage complex technical projects, think independently and add value to projects.

7. The candidate must have good web application development knowledge and be experienced.

8. And of course excellent communication and team building skills.

The job could start on March 1st and part-time budget is $400 @ 25h/week while full-time is $700 @40h/week. Depending on the skills shown, we will adjust the salary.
Please only serious applications and such that meet our requirements.


Skills: dhtml, apache, linux, design, json