Modify appkonference application

Modify appkonference application


Job Description

Task description/instruction:
1) get the sources of
2) compile (not install using package manager!!!) asterisk under x86_64
3) compile appkonference under asterisk

a) Configure appkonference to handle one incoming call to conference.
The first user which is comes to conference will be a 'MASTER'.

b) Make the changes to appkonference code to create a CLI command: 'conference fastoriginate tech/data conference <here will be a conference from point a> owner <channel of MASTER>'.
The MASTER SHALL hear the call flow INCLUDING EARLY MEDIA when the command 'b' will be executed.

c) When the user has connected to conference, the MASTER should talk to him as a regular conference.

We are do not looking for agencies or some middle agents. This job is only for you if you're asterisk developer.

The project is fixed price and will be negotiated during an interview.
Before to push 'Apply' button - please put a phrase "I'm a proper candidate for this job' at the first line of your cover.