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Job Description

I am needing help creating a small application in SiteKreator where the end user can create a Header Announcement bar and place a message inside of it similar to - SiteKreator has an SDK to create applications within their system

This project will have two phases:

PHASE ONE: Development and Functionality
Functionality here are the basics of what I want the end user (see defintion below) to be able to do.
1. To create an announcement bar at the top of the website.
2. To choose the background color of the announcement bar.
3. To add their own text into the announcement bar.
- To add a link in the text using SiteKreator built in link manager
- For the end user to choose font color, size and family.
4. For the end user to be able to choose their own icon and "X" from a library or upload one.

Once we have the functionality working. We will then design the Admin Panel (See definition below) so that for the end user it is simple and effect to create a Header Bar on any page of the site they would like.

End User = the person who has a SiteKreator account and has logged into the admin
Admin Panel = where the end user goes to edit this application.