Magento Custom Flower Order System

Magento Custom Flower Order System


Job Description

We are looking to build a custom flower ordering system within magneto.

The system needs:

Place one flower at a time into a vase graphic. Live update system that shows vase with correct flowers, amounts, colors.

Custom Flower Arrangement System for online ordering with magneto.

*Flowers will all need graphics, colors, pricing, etc.
*The user will then be able to drag and drop individual flowers into a vase in the middle of the screen.
*Each flower added would total up a new checkout amount.
*We will need a full database of available flower stems, colors, pricing, etc.
*Need easy to use UI that will interact with billing, etc.

This can be a stand along web app, but it must send billing info to the shopping cart in magneto.

I can provide some GUI.

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