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Video Script Writing


Job Description

Project Description:
Native English Speakers only please. Must have strong written - especially humorous writing - skills (no grammar or spelling errors).

I need a person to write 5 Voice-Over Scripts for use in video tutorials.

- The content for the tutorials is based on a book. The book itself is approximately ~270 pages and contains numerous chapters.

- The voice-over scripts will be converted to an animated video. Each video tutorial is instructional. The tone for the tutorials is funny, humorous, so you must have a good sense of humor in crafting these voice over scripts.

- The voice over script must be original and can not contain any verbiage from the book. The book is just used as a guideline to explain the key points.

- You must be able to work fast and you must be available on skype to enable me to check on your progress. You must also be ready to take feedback to make any changes to improve the tutorials. So you should be flexible and understand the iterative nature of creating the best tutorial scripts.

- Your bid is to create 5 tutorial scripts based on the book (I estimate around 5 video tutorials each lasting 5-7 minutes each (again that's just an estimate and could be different based on how you combine the content)). I may take out specific parts or chapters that may not be needed or are simply not interesting. So we need to reduce it to the most essential. The key here is that each video must be actionable and provide immediate value to the listener, not just info, but things that they can do (or should stop doing) to get one step closer to the goal of licensing their music.


Here are some notes about how to create the scripts.

1) Shocking Headline
// In other words, what would be a headline for the video that would compel someone to view it?
2) Funny
// The tone of the tutorials is funny so that it is memorable. Also keep in mind how the video editor can make sure to capture this visually.
3) Structure
// As a quick recipe, here's a formula we should try to employ:
- 1) Tell me what you're going to tell me about. // "3 Keys to Success, bla bla"
- 2) Tell me about it. (sign-post as you go through each point so it's easy to follow)
- 3) Tell me what you just told me about in a quick summary with key learnings/takeaways, action items. The key here is that each video must be actionable and provide immediate value to the listener.
4) Length
// I'd like to make sure each video tutorial is around 5-7 minutes in length, so please make sure when you read the script we could hit that mark, including pauses. Again, please make sure to never use any parts verbatim from the book, but rewrite it in your original prose to make your point.

Please bid for the price of just 1 script to start with.

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