CSS & HTML FRONT-END in ExpressionEngine

CSS & HTML FRONT-END in ExpressionEngine


Job Description


I am looking for a web designer who can help with an urgent project. Basically I need you to design the remainder of the front-end (CSS & HTML) of a community-driven website in the style of the currently installed blog theme (though I am flexible with design). The pages you will have to modify are (these pages are naked, function only, with little/no design):
Wiki templates
Forum templates
User/member interface

I am using the ExpressionEngine CMS but it's similar to editing CSS & HTML on Wordpress so do not fear if you've had no prior experience with it.

I need you to:
- Produce a solid, detailed technical design
- Write clean, modular, robust code to implement the desired requirements
- Work with me to triage and fix bugs with rapid turnaround

Your qualifications:
- Programming languages: CSS
- Additional skill(s): HTML
- Optional skill(s): jQuery
- A work style that is extremely detail oriented
- Strong communication skills

Skills: design