Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Manager


Job Description


We are looking for someone who can come in an take control of our current affiliates and keep in contact with new ones and help develop a strategy to automate as much as possible.

There are currently only about 30 affiliates and none of them are active... we are about to do a massive adverting campaign and expect many to sign up in the coming weeks.

This position is goal oriented and you will be expected to get the affiliates to make sales by emailing them and giving them suggestions on how they can sell the software... preferably these suggestions will come from you.

We will pay you an hourly rate and a bonus of $10 for every copy sold through an affiliate... so if you do a great job there is a very high income here.

We are ready to hire and start now... there will be a budget that you will get and will have to get results within that budget. If you are achieving then there will be not limit on how many hours you are doing.

Please supply any relevant experience you have and any suggestions on how you might achieve the goals.


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