Joomla / MySQL / Twilio / OpenVBX / Filemaker Integration Solution!

Joomla / MySQL / Twilio / OpenVBX / Filemaker Integration Solution!


Job Description


We're looking for a developer that can help create a custom solution for our business. We are utilizing a series of technology including Joomla (with several modules), which is operated on a MySQL framework, with another portion of the technology operating over OpenVBX and Filemaker rounding out the solution for content management.

We need someone who can help make all of these technologies work together in a cohesive and straight-forward manner, possibly integrating another database under the MySQL framework for the extended information that we need to add and calculate results by referencing.

The solution is extremely complicated and anyone with prior experience with Twilio / OpenVBX experience would be the best ideal candidate, but we are looking for someone with a general idea of PHP handling as well because we have other isolated PHP issues that we'd like to address with the same candidate as well.

Please be VERY proficient with PHP and MySQL and you will be the ideal candidate (all of Twilio's technology is VERY straight forward to understand and for anyone who understands PHP / XML, they should have no problem and we are under serious time constraints.)

Please forward your resumes ASAP as we are seeking to begin work on this TODAY!