Affiliate Marketing - Fitness Niche

Affiliate Marketing - Fitness Niche


Job Description

Dear lead generation expert,

Are you tired of businesses taking advantage of your lead generation skills and putting thousands of dollars in their wallet while you get squeezed for every penny -- or worse -- not paid at all?

Are you sick of one-off promotions that leave you constantly searching for new businesses to partner with?

Or perhaps your tired of your talents going to waste promoting BS products that don't actually do people any good when you could be making good money AND helping people with your marketing prowess.

If so, I'd like to work with you; I'm interested in long term business partnerships and strategic alliances that are beneficial to both parties and hope you'll consider my proposal. I'd like us to be able to profit from each other for 2, 5, 10 years or more. That, to me, is what a real business relationship is about.


I operate in the fitness/health domain and have a paleo/primal muscle building product that I've just launched and need your help with lead generation.

PPC, CPA, SMM, PR campaigns, SEO, guest blogging, JV setups, media buys...whatever it is you excel at!

You'll get to take full advantage of the fact that I take a scientific approach to marketing and test/track vigorously, constantly looking to optimize conversion rates -- so your profits go UP over time.

You get to profit from the fact that my high-value marketing sequences turn your leads into raving fans who buy.

You can have confidence in promoting products that work and that clients love -- and because of this you'll get to keep most (or even all) of the upfront profit because I'll have the opportunity to make back-end sales. I, like you, am in this for the long haul.

I only want real leads, no bots/spam/other nonsense, therefore payment will be on a performance basis: starting at a minimum of $49.35 per sale.

Sound good?

In your reply, let me know your preferred method of lead generation and what experience qualifies you to work with me.

To higher profits,
AJ Walton
Director of Marketing, Parcourir LLC

P.S. If you do email marketing I can give you a swipe file of our launch sequence pieces created for JV partners. This way we can both promote the product over the week-long launch period and boost your sales

Skills: test, marketing, promotions