Funny Limerick Writer for Kids

Funny Limerick Writer for Kids


Job Description

I'm looking for a hilarious children's writer that can write creative and funny limericks for kids with a contemporary spin...meaning iPads, video games, TV shows, Facebook, YouTube, 2013 cultural references, etc. are all fair game re: content.

They don't ALL have to be about topical and contemporary subject matter, but the more the merrier. Most importantly, they must be FUNNY and actually make kids laugh. The target audience are kids age 6 - 10.

I'll pay a buck per limerick...Please submit a sample in your reply and I'll hire the funniest writer that applies.

English as a first language is very important. It will certainly help if you're a parent of youngish kids yourself and know what makes kids tick (and laugh!). I will be running all submissions through so please only submit original material.

Thanks very much! Please have fun with this. Can't wait to see your submissions.

Skills: video, games, facebook, english

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