NSIS Installer Engineer

NSIS Installer Engineer


Job Description

We're a small Carlsbad, California startup who understands the complexities of working with offshore developers. We develop applications that engage users in a unique way and span across a variety of verticals: Facebook, Search, Video (YouTube), Games and more. We have several hundred thousand active users actively using our browser applications and acquire a significant number of new users every single day.

We would like to integrate 3rd party advertiser software into the installers of our various web-applications and are searching for a strong NSIS Integration Engineer to pull it all together.

While working on this project, you will be:

+ Working with templated, optimized and efficient NSIS installers
+ Coding, testing and supporting the integration of 3rd party advertising software (typically C++)
+ Optimizing installer flows based on key performance metrics
+ Interfacing with a brilliant team of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers

The position is a part-time, hourly position that may open up to further opportunities if you can produce the kind of exceptional, high-quality, efficient work that we’re striving to create.

The ideal candidate has:

+ Familiarity with toolbars, web-applications and browser add-ons
+ Integrated a toolbar or other pre-existing software into an installer
+ Experience with installer technology (especially NSIS)

We typically use SVN for daily (or more) code check-ins, RallyDev for keeping track of tasks and Skype / email to communicate requirements.

To determine if you’re a fit for the role, we’ll be asking you questions such as:

+ What is a silent installer?
+ What is a command line?
+ What's your text editor of choice?
+ Would you be available for calls over Skype?

Bonus if you have any of the following:

+ High feedback score
+ 4 out of 5 or above for English self-assessment
+ Any related ODesk tests that you have passed
+ Software that you have worked on and can show us

Bottom line: we're looking for an efficient, reliable, exceptional NSIS/C++ engineer to grow with our team. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you think this is the right role for you.

Skills: english, software-development