Website graphic designer needed

Website graphic designer needed


Job Description

We are a newly formed Australian based online software development company seeking some graphic design work for an exciting new cloud based product and associated marketing materials.

Our company is developing a ‘software as a service’ cloud based project management solution. The product is intended to be used by companies conducting research projects. Users input relevant information as the projects are being conducted. The product then generates reports at the end of each financial year.

The product will be behind a login screen and accessible to subscribers only. However, we anticipate our website will also have a publicly available section focused on marketing, advertising and selling the product. We would like to begin marketing activities prior to release of the functional product. Accordingly, we are aiming to get the publicly available section of the website online as soon as possible.

Our team includes a number of software developers who are responsible for product and website development. However, we do not have a graphic designer on the team.

We are seeking a graphic designer with experience with web design to provide us with design support throughout the life of the project. Experience with Bootstrap would be preferable. We would be after the design elements of the project only (graphics, html, CSS files). Backend development for integration of the design into our product and promotional aspect of the website would be conducted in house.

The work we are seeking to be performed at this point is:-
1. Design of graphics and layout for the promotional aspect of our company’s website (text content to be provided by us, around 5-6 pages of text about the product and case studies).
a. This website should employ a conservative and simple design. A major selling point of our product is the ability to simplify complicated issues, and this should be conveyed in the marketing materials.
2. Design of a company logo.
3. Design of a product logo.
4. Design of business cards, incorporating company logo.

The design should be consistent across each of these products. We require at least 3 concept designs to choose from prior to delivery of a final product.

In relation to the website development (1, above), we would send you content for the site in text form (.docx). You would make some mock-up concept images for layout and style (.jpg or .pdf, at least 3), and we select one of the concept designs.

After that, you produce and supply us with html, javascript, CSS files and any graphical content for the site based on the concept we choose. The work must be designed on top of Twitter Bootstrap ( Currently we use the Twitter Bootstrap template, jQuery, some jQuery UI widgets and the Lift web frame work for our implementation. Any CSS needs to be compatible with/extend Bootstrap and any javascript should fit in with Bootstrap and jQuery javascript.

As the project progresses, we may also be seeking the following:-
5. Design of graphics and layout for the functional product (html of user interface to be exported by us, edited by the designer, and returned);
6. Design of promotional materials, such as flyers etc.

As this project is time-sensitive, we are looking to deal with a highly professional web designer who can adhere to set timeframes. We are happy to discuss hourly billing arrangements – however we will require an estimate of the costs for 1-4 above.

If you are interested in this work, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss.

Skills: graphics, design, marketing